“WIPO File Software System Seminar” was held by Myanmar Ministry of Commerce on 17th December, 2019.

Regarding the operation of the Trademark Law enacted on January 30, 2019, Myanmar government will start soft opening of the registration system in 2020 and will start full-scale system six months later.

1. Soft opening

The WIPO file software system is for the purpose of trial operation of the online filing system and the start date of the trial operation period will be announced upon notification from the Ministry. The pilot period is six months and existing trademarks must be submitted within that period.

2. Trademarks that can be registered during soft opening

  1. Trademarks registered at the Registration of Deed office based on the Registration Act 1908 or 2018
  2. Trademarks used in the market but not registered in the Registration of Deed Office

3. Persons who can apply for trademark registration

  1. Myanmar citizens appointed by the applicant (owner)
  2. Myanmar lawyer

4. Documents required for trademark registration

  1. Application form (TM1 form)
  2. TM2 form or POA (use of TM2 form is recommended)
  3. If the trademark has already been registered, a document that proves the registration(newspaper advertisement, bill, or certificate)

5. Fees

Trademark registration fees are collected on a class-by-class basis and payment shall not exceed Singapore’s trademark registration fee

【Trademark Q&A : Myanmar】Q3. What procedures should be followed to register a trademark under the registration law?

A. By submitting the following required documents to the registration office, a registration number will be given by the registration office.
After that, registration is completed by posting a warning in a newspaper published in Myanmar. The estimated time to complete registration is about 1-2 months.

(1) Ownership declaration
(2) Power of attorney
(3) Documents related to the company registration (copy)
(4) Board meeting minutes regarding trademark registration (both Myanmar and English versions required)

【Trademark Q&A : Myanmar】Q1. What kinds of the law related Intellectual property law are there in Myanmar?

A: There are four kinds of the law related Intellectual property law in Myanmar. All of them were enacted in 2019. The enforced date has not been determined yet, and the Intellectual Property Office that oversees intellectual property has not been established yet. Therefore, it is still unclear when the actual operation will begin.