Flow of trademark registration each country (Malaysia)

The applicant shall explain what the trademark means and translate the trademark into English or Malay if the trademark consists of letters other than English or Malay. The applicant may apply trademark registration online.
Additionally, the applicant may request for expedited examination of application by submitting the required documents correctly. Expedited examination enables the trademark registration within 7 months.

1.Submit required documents to Trademark Registration Office
2.Formal examination → if there is a defect Correction command (Correction shall be done within 60 days)
3. Substantive Examination → Objection in writing → Unilateral trial → Rejection of application → Appeal to High Court
4.Public Notice → Objection (within 2 months)
5.Payment of registration fee
6.Completion of registration and Issue certificate of registration

Required documents

  • Copy of Form TM5 (5 copies)
  • Index card
  • Form TM1
  • Notarized affidavit of application


  • Time for registration…about 8 months up to 1 year
  • Term of trademark right…10 years from the date of registration
  • Renewal …the applicant may renew trademark registration once every 10 year
  • Accession to the Madrid Protocol …No