Trademark Registration Fees(Myanmar)

1.Trademark registration remuneration

Trademark registration under the Registration Act, it depends on the number of trademarks and number of the class (range of designated products, designated service).

For example, for trademark need to confirm whether obtain the logo or entitlement only words or both.

Based on the above, in principal, we will charge 1,200 USD (excluding 5% commercial tax and disbursement. Same as below) when the simplest case as one trademark is one designated class.

If the number of trademarks is 2 or more, we will charge additional 1,200USD per number.

If the designated class multiplies 2 or more, we will charge additional 100USD per class.

Our fees included the following services.
(1) Draft the necessary documents for registration
(2) Apply the necessary documents and negotiation with in charge of officer of the Office of Registration of Deeds on behalf of client.
(3) Draft the contents of public notice in newspaper and response with newspaper company on behalf of client.

If you would like to register a trademark under the foreign company name, need to notary and certification in the country which is located registered office. In this paragraph, foreign company mean that it is incorporated the other than Myanmar.

If the other country where our group located, we may provide the notary service on behalf of the client with additional charge.

If the trademark owner is the company which is incorporated in Myanmar, notary process in other country is unnecessary.

2.Disbursement of trademark registration

Disbursement is publishing fee in the newspaper, transportation fee, printing fee, registration fee etc.

In general, publish fee in the newspaper is around 800USD~2,000USD. However, it depends on the number of trademark and class you want to register it.

Therefore, please be noted actual fee can know when we request to the newspaper company with providing the actual content to be publish.

Moreover, Trademark Law was published on 30th January 2019. Currently, enforcing date is not sure.

When Trademark Law is enforced, you shall apply the trademark under the Trademark Law and such application is not include above quotation. We will charge separately.