Flow of Trademark Registration Each Country (Myanmar)

The Trademark Law was published on 30th January 2019, but it has not been enforced yet. In other words, currently, there is no effective Trademark Law.

However, the criminal law prohibits acts such as imitating trademarks or selling goods with imitated trademarks. Under the Registration Act, in practice, in order to protect a trademark,the person or company may register a trademark under the Registration Act at the Office of Registration of Deedsand publish a public notice in a newspaper.

Flow of trademark registration

1. Submit required documents to the Office of Registration of Deeds
2. The Office of Registration of Deeds will return the original documents of the Declaration of Ownership with the registration date, registration number and the seal of the Office of Registration of Deeds.
3. Publish the public notice in newspaper
4. Completion of registration

Necessary documents

  • Declaration of Ownership
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Sample of trademark


  • Term of registration…about 1month to 1 and a half months
  • Term of trademark right…3 years
  • Renewal …We recommend re-posting of periodical announcement every 3 years
  • Accession to the MADOPRO … no