A. A mark consisting of at least one of the following elements or including one of the following elements can be registered.

(1) Name of an individual, company or enterprice displayed in a special or unique manner
(2) The registration applicant or the person who takes over the business of the person must have a signature.
(3) coined words
(4) Words that do not directly refer to the nature or quality of goods or services, and that are not geographical names or human surnames according to their normal meanings. (“Pesticide-free tomato” and “Malaysia tomato” and so on as be used for tomato)
(5) Other distinctive marks

Marks corresponding to the following cannot be registered.
(1) Marks that confuse or deceive the public
(2) A defamatory or aggressive mark
(3) Marks that impair national interests or national security
(4) Mark representing the royal emblem
(5) Marks whose names and emblems of international organizations, countries, states and cities are elements of the trade mark unless consent is given
(6) Mark including description of goods or services
(7) Marks claiming intellectual property rights (e.g. “copyright”, “patented”, “patent”)
(8) Mark representing or referring to the king or head of state
(9) Mark representing a government-owned building
(10) The word “ASEAN” and its logo mark
(11) The word “RED CRESCENT” or “GENEVA CROSS” and their logo mark